Shokuji Restaurant is all about fusing traditional Japanese flavours and atmosphere. Shokuji’s menu will be elegantly presented and consists of fresh, seasonal and pure ingredients sourced carefully from the best Japanese and local producers. This will ensure the authentic tastes and nutritional values in every bite.

The philosophy behind Shokuji Sushi Restaurant is more than just the serving of authentic, tasty and healthy dishes; a further ambition is to contribute towards a sustainable environment by using local ingredients, sourcing ingredients from the responsible suppliers and utilising biodegradable materials for take-away meals.  
Shokuji’s Sushi Team will always guarantee:
  • Fresh ingredients 
  • Consistent quality
  • Kind and responsive service 
  • Diversity and seasonality
  • Covid-19 Safety Protocol
  • Food safety & hygiene

ABOUT VIRGINIA SORONGON, the Founder and Co-owner of Shokuji Restaurant:
Virginia spent several years in Japan, where she grew to love and understand the ideology and beauty of Japanese culture and the unique relationship its people have with their food.
“The passion, love and effort put in to each and every dish creates unforgettable tastes and consistency in Japanese cuisine,” she says.
Although the UAE has its own delicacies and a multitude of cuisine choices, Virginia passionately felt that there was scope for unique Japanese food concept with quality service. Her idea is to provide food that is healthy, tasty and affordable, whether dining in or taking away. This is how Shokuji, which means “meal” in Japanese, came to fruition.
After moving to the UAE in 2013, Virginia set a goal of introducing her new home to the real taste of Japan. She envisioned a restaurant that delivered authentic dishes the way she had experienced Japanese cuisine from the kitchens of Tokyo.

In Dubai locals, expats, tourists and the whole ecosystem is rich in options to eat, but our mission is to add quality and effort to the most important moment that will re-charge You – Your meal, Your Shokuji.”

You may also order your Shokuji in Japanese language.
Staying in Tokyo I learned and experienced the real Japan not only via the tastes and techniques, but by using the language. By understanding and communicating in Japanese language fluently it was one of the triggers to truly understand the soul and the philosophy of Japanese cuisine.”
“U.A.E is a one of the fastest growing economies which gives us great opportunity for our business. But also our responsibility is to make sure that we are responsible in our choices towards the greener and sustainable environment. As a business and individuals we support sustainability in anyway available with in our possibilities. It is important to us to share this passion in our tone-of-voice in everyday interaction with our clients, suppliers and staff.”


Shokuji Sushi Restaurant

Address: Wasl Vita Mall, Jumeirah 1, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Contact Number: +971 58 513 2298 / +971 58 532 0218

Whatsapp Number: +971 58 501 5790